Sree Jain Swetamber Terapanthi Vidyalaya
Admission going on for 2022. Limited Seats ! Hurry Up! Contact for admission forms for Boys & Girls Section –2235 - 9336, 81000 80878, 9830813647, 7003199947

Awards & Accolades

Our students excel at not only their curriculars but extra curriculars as well. They keep making us proud with their achievements and have earned accolades in a number of inter-school competitive arenas.

Nursery Section

Kids are at their learning best at this stage. What they perceive now determines the kind of individual they become in the years to come.

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Primary Section

As your child matures and gears to rationalize the happenings around them, we understand that they are ready to graduate to the Middle School.

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Higher Secondary

A journey where opportunities today are limitless. However, making use of such opportunities depends upon mentoring at 10+2 level.

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About Us

In the year 1916, the Terapanthi Community began this school with the vision of giving pupils a safe, pleasant and rich learning environment wherein they can thrive intellectually, personally and morally and grow up to become model citizens of India! We aim to provide our students with ample opportunities where they not only nourish themselves with knowledge but also develop a well-rounded personality with a clear sense of duty as a member of this society. Right from making reading autobiographies of great men and women mandatory to encouraging the learning of the national language, we strive to imbibe in our students the high ideals and sound character that will make them the true leaders of tomorrow…